4 Ways to Boost Your Roofing Firm's Ranking on Google

4 Ways to Boost Your Roofing Firm's Ranking on Google


Competition can be tough in the roofing industry with over 109,300 contractors operating across the United States. As roofers struggle with various challenges from labor shortage to the rising cost of materials, how does digital marketing figure in one's business growth strategy?

Online Search Ranking: Why it Matters in Acquiring and Retaining Clients

An effective marketing plan can help homeowners discover your services faster. It also allows your existing customers to more easily engage with you and even refer you to others.

Such a plan involves having a solid online reputation, as 92% of potential clients consider it a priority in tapping a roofing company’s services. What's more, 62% of homeowners research online before hiring a contractor.

Google currently gets about 88% of the internet traffic in America. Three-quarters of searchers don't go beyond the first page of the search results page.

How to Land on the First Page of a Google Search Result

The higher you rank on Google's search engine results page (SERP), the greater your chance is of receiving traffic or visitors to your website or social channel. Occupying the first three to five spots of the SERP makes you appear more credible than lower-ranked companies.

So what steps can you take to improve your ranking in Google? Here are some winning strategies:

  1. Run Google Local Ads

In Google, paid results appear first on SERP with the word "Ad" on the left beside an advertiser's website. Unlike regular pay-per-click Google Ads, LSAs follow a pay-per-lead structure, where you pay only for the number of clicks made by people who contacted you via the ad.

It's a powerful tool to use, considering that 93% of Americans search the web for local or "near me" businesses. Moreover, 28% of consumers doing a local search end up transacting with a business.

  1. Perform search engine optimization (SEO)

When your website is optimized, Google is likely to rank it higher in its SERP. Optimized sites have these features:

Great user experience

Effective websites load or open fast. They’re easy to navigate (even for those with visual and hearing impairment) and secure (https instead of http).

High-quality content

Text-based information should be well-written, containing keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Analytics will help you discover what search words will give you a high ranking, so you can include more of them in your webpages.

Off-page techniques

Optimized sites contain shareable infographics and have backlinks from authoritative websites.

Local SEO

Websites with specific local keywords connect with target homeowners better. You can also create a page devoted to each of your service areas.


About half of searches in the U.S. are currently done on a mobile device. Thus, the best websites display on a smartphone or other device with a smaller screen.

  1. Get listed on Google My Business (GMB) 

Google will find it easier to suggest your company to any related—especially location-based—query as long as you give your most updated company contact details, list of services, and business category (roofing contractor) in GMB.

  1. Request for reviews 

Reviews are part of Google’s “Prominence” ranking factor. Moreover, consumers only become convinced of a company's trustworthiness after reading 10 reviews. Thus, it's necessary to invite clients to leave reviews besides responding promptly to any feedback.

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