From Waste to Win: How to Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Wasted Ad Spend, Ads Near Me

Global digital ad spending is expected to surge to $571 billion by 2022. But most of that advertising spend is wasted. Google sees nearly 60% of ad impressions go unnoticed, and Proxima estimates that worldwide marketing wastes $37 billion on mediocre digital marketing.

Wasted ad spending is a major issue in the marketing industry. It harms both consumers and companies, particularly small and medium businesses. So it’s a relief to find a partner that can help you avoid the pitfalls of wasted ad marketing. Working with Ads Near Me ensures that your ads reach your target audiences.

It's All About Specificity

Every marketing dollar you spend aims to convert your audience. The key to successfully targeting your audience is to be highly specific. Targeting too broad of an audience is a trap that doesn't benefit your business.

While reaching a large number of people is great in theory, the reality is that only a small percentage will convert. It’s vital to identify key decision-makers and leads interested in your product or service. When you target these specific audiences, you spend less and get a larger percentage of conversions. This all boils down to quality over quantity.

Placing Ads at the Right Place at the Right Time

Placing Ads at the right place at the right time, Ads Near Me

Google and other ad platforms will show your advert to as many people as possible. That's just how their systems work, but it can be detrimental to your business if you’re not specific about it. 

Regulate where and when your ads appear to target potential leads. Ads Near Me can help you target the right trifecta: the right audiences in the right geography at the right time. We can assist in making the most of your ad spend.

Marketers frequently mistake using location as a keyword but not really targeting locals. For example, if you own a landscaping business in New Jersey and use only New Jersey as a keyword, your ad would mistakenly target everyone seeking service in the state rather than only those seeking a landscaper in NJ. Targeting the first group would waste ad money.

It would help if you also determined when to show your ads. Limiting your ads to only display at peak hours will help you save ad money. Showing ads when your store is closed won't help your business since clients won't be able to reach you. And even if your business is open 24/7, you still need to choose the best time to run your ads for optimal exposure.

From Waste to Win with Ads Near Me

Being specific about your place and time means zeroing in on the proper viewers and, as a result, reducing the possibility of squandering your adverts. Ads Near Me can help you with these challenges. We can assist you in using keywords strategically to target the right audience, so ads lead to conversions.

As a business owner, you want to reduce ad spend and enhance campaign ROI. You need the right approach, solutions, and partners to do so. Ads Near Me specialists provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop better ads. Our mission is to help your business generate more revenue using Google Ads. We can also help you reduce fraudulent clicks and increase quality calls and visitors to your business.

Contact us now to learn more about how Ads Near Me can help you maximize your ad efforts.