3 Foolproof Ways to Market your Real Estate Agency

How to market your Real Estate Agency


Real estate agents now have more avenues to market real estate than ever before, but not all agents actually know how to advertise as a real estate agent. 

The digital environment offers plenty of perks, but with a few downsides. For instance, it can be challenging to reach your target audience without being aware of proper marketing. To build sales, you need to keep finding clients interested in using the services you offer. Marketing and advertising addresses this by getting your name and services out to these people.  

Not all marketing ideas will generate results, requiring you to be resourceful and specific to your industry. You don’t want to put in all that effort and end up with zero results.  

Here are a few proven strategies on how to advertise as a real estate agent.  

1. Create a Strong Online Presence with a Professional Website

Website for Real Estate Agents

With most of real estate marketing found online, building a strong online presence can bring you more clients who are already interested in your business. This starts with your website.  

Make sure that your real estate site looks polished and professional. Functionality and aesthetics should go hand in hand when building your site. Add high-definition photos or videos, create quality SEO optimized content, and make sure your contact information can be seen.  

Moreover, secure your social media profiles and share your expertise there. Once you identify your target market, find out which platforms they will likely use and concentrate on building your presence there. This is something you can also take advantage of when advertising your listings.  

When it comes to inquiries, maintain a professional and cordial tone too. Clients want a real estate agent they can approach with questions and, above all, someone they can trust.  

2. Invest in Great Photographers and Videographers

Quality photos and videos are critical to real estate listings, especially given how visuals will more likely grab attention. Potential customers will skim and only stop to click if they see something that attracts them.  

Advertising as a real estate agent can be maximized by working with professional real estate photographers and videographers. This ensures you’re showcasing your listings in the best possible light when you share these images online to generate more leads.  

3. Advertise through Google Ads

advertise through google ads

Advertising on Google is another key component when it comes to promoting yourself as a real estate agent. Google Local Ads help you to better reach potential clients in your service area.  

Local Services Ads work by helping real estate agents show up for key search results right in their area. For example, if someone searches using the keyword “real estate agent in Portland, Oregon”, your name and Oregon-based real estate agency will be among the top results.  

However, if you need help in this area, services like Ads Near Me can help you set up your Google Ads so you can focus on what you do best—taking care of clients and handling real estate properties.  


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