How You Can Promote Your Local Business on Google

How You Can Promote Your Local Business on Google


To tap effectively into the local market, it’s crucial to ensure that your business is visible online. Google is one significant tool you can leverage to effectively promote your local business.  

Here are ways you can use Google to amplify your business’s presence and reach more potential customers. 

Google My Business allows businesses to promote their websites and profiles through Google Search and Google Maps. A Business Profile on Google My Business acts as your online calling card because it contains all your business’s contact information, including a link to your site.  

You can use the platform to share reviews, links, directions, and photos. Additionally, you can use your listing to see how customers interact with your business and see how your business is performing online. 

Users on Google Maps are most likely already looking for a place to go to. That’s why Google Maps is one of the most powerful platforms when it comes to reaching customers who are nearby. Putting an ad for your local business on Google Maps gives it the extra push to help ensure it is seen.  

For example, if you own an ice cream parlor and a user types in “ice cream near me”, Google Maps will feature your business and show the user how to get to your establishment or ways to contact you. This makes running ads on Google Maps a great way of driving both web and foot traffic. 

Local businesses, especially those with physical store locations, can benefit from local search engine optimization tactics. These differ from standard SEO tactics by specifically helping businesses become more visible in local Google search results. To boost your local SEO efforts, input your complete business information, encourage your customers to leave reviews, use keywords focused on your targeted local audience, and ensure your Google My Business listing is always updated. 

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