7 Effective Nail Salon Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

7 Effective Nail Salon Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business, Ads Near Me

As new fashion trends emerge, nail salons have sprung up in abundance. The challenge is that nail salon is in stiff competition with spas, beauty salons, and home nail services. This is a solid reason to invest in a great marketing strategy for your nail shop.

Here are seven crisp nail salon marketing ideas for attracting people to your storefront.

Share your work on social media

Share your work on social media, Go Live, Ads Near Me

Create a nail artist portfolio on social media. Post photos and videos of your customers’ nails. Alternatively, ask them to tag your account when sharing their new nail art on their feed. You can hire a PR agency for a more professional social media posting.

Go live

Real-time videos are more engaging than still photos. Go live to show how you make nail arts. Do a Facebook live stream to share your expertise in nail design. Go on Instagram Live to talk about new promos or to notify your followers that you are available to do their nails.

Go where your clients are

When leads see your brand regularly, they remember it first the next time they need a nail service. You must maintain contact and engagement with your clients and prospects. Spend some time replying to comments on your profile and leaving your own on other accounts to build connections. Be clear and concise when commenting. Don’t spam their accounts with promotions.

Make a Google My Business Profile

Google My Business, Get more leads with Google Ads

Marketing can be costly, so take advantage of free services that generate great results, like Google My Business. This free Google business listing enables you to add info and photos about your company. Details include your location, services, and products. GMB is a great way to boost your presence across Google services.

Get more leads with Google Ads

For as little as a few dollars each week, Google ads can help you to track and target your audience. The best thing about running Google ads is its specificity. You can target people in your area by localizing your ads. Ads Near Me can help you with this since we offer services that make creating Google ads effortless. The best feature is that you only pay for ad clicks.

Build a customer email list

Some customers don't have social media profiles, but most have an email address. You can inform your target audience about current promotions and deals through email marketing.

Host client-focused events

Host client events, Nail care

Host events in honor of your customers to make them feel special and simultaneously launch a new service or product. Check your area for upcoming festivities and be a part of them. Invite local musicians during an event. Host themed parties like a nail care session for a bride and her party. Post your events on local listings and social media.

Keep An Eye on Trends and Keep Growing

Keep an eye on how your business evolves. If it’s not growing, it’s either stuck or dwindling, which means you’re losing business. And even if your shop is doing great, you still must adapt to trends to remain profitable.

Use these nail marketing tips to grow your business. Some ideas will be more effective than others. But one thing is sure: unless you try them out, you’ll never know which ones will help your nail salon meet its goal.

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