Top 8 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Being Found on Google

why your website is not showing up on Google


Are you wondering why your website isn't getting the traffic you need? This may be because your website isn’t visible on the Internet. Here are the eight main reasons your website isn’t being found on Google.

1. Your website isn’t optimized for search engines

SEO ranking on Google

There are many SEO tactics you can employ to optimize your website and make it rank higher on search engines like Google. Factors that may hurt your visibility are slow website speed and page load time, which can be fixed using several methods. For instance, you can compress files or enable browser caching for a more improved user experience. 

2. Your website was made recently

All good things take time. Google needs some time to find your website first and crawl through it before determining your ranking. If your page isn’t showing up, it's likely that Google hasn’t found it yet. Give Google some time to do its job. Additionally, you can type “” into the search bar to find your website on Google.  

3. Your website doesn’t have many high-quality backlinks

Think of backlinks as referrals. When a website links back to your page, it shows search engines that you’re a trustworthy source, which amps up your ranking. To get quality backlinks for your business website, you must produce informative and relevant content. Additionally, work on creating and fostering relationships with other website owners to get a backlink from their sites. 

4. You’re not using social media platforms

social media platforms

Major social media platforms have high domain authority, which means they’re more likely to rank higher on search engines. To become visible on Google, create social media pages for your business to secure a boost in rankings. 

5. Your webpage isn’t viewed as an authority

Google takes note of the number of quality backlinks and internal links your webpage has. These factor into the authority score of your page, which in turn determines your ranking on Google. To boost your authority, create as many high-quality internal links and backlinks as you can. 

6. Your business doesn’t have reviews

Reviews are important for your website to rank on search engines, and having zero or mostly negative reviews will hurt your chances of getting found. After all, reviews are a sign of trust, which search engines take into account. To get more reviews, encourage your customers and visitors to rate your establishment on Google, Yelp, Facebook Reviews, and similar platforms.  

7. Your webpage content has duplicates across the web

Duplicate content is when the same piece of content is available on multiple websites. Having duplicate content on your site can hurt your page ranking, as Google tends to only look for the website that best showcases that piece of content. 

8. You’re not using Google Ads

Get more customers with Google Ads

Paid ads on Google help your website rank higher because the top spots on Google are reserved for paying advertisers. Consider allocating some of your budget to these paid SERP spots to boost your rankings and visibility. 

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