Why It's Not a Good Idea to Pause Your Google Ads

Not a good idea to pause your Google Ads

Pausing Google Ads campaigns is probably something most businesses have considered at some point. When you pause your ads, you can save money on advertising costs. But are you really better off pausing your Google Ads campaigns? Is it bad to pause Google ads? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of pausing your Google ads. 

Why You Shouldn’t Pause Google Ads 

Difficulty in regaining momentum

Ad campaigns gain traction slowly at first. If you relaunch ads after pausing them, it'll be the same thing. So, does pausing Google ads hurt your ads’ visibility? Well, your ads' visibility and ranking are based on several factors, including historical data. This information will be lost if you resume your ads after pausing them. As a result, it may take some time for your ads to resume their original level of performance.

Issues with ads testing

Ads testing will help you determine whether your headline, description, CTA, and other elements of your ads are effective. If you want meaningful data, your ads must yield adequate views, conversions, and clicks. You can’t collect this information if you keep pausing your ads.

Impact on ROI

It's not advisable to pause Google Ads campaigns other than for special promotions or holiday campaigns. The campaign and its algorithms are reset when you do this. As mentioned, it takes time to restart a campaign that’s been put on hold, and the technical improvements you made earlier will lose their impact. It’s like starting from scratch. Additionally, your ads can lose their relevance and visibility, potentially leading to a drop in traffic and sales. This affects the ROI of existing campaigns and their marketing budgets.

When Do You Need to Pause Them?

Google Ads

Depending on the circumstances, pausing a Google Ads campaign might be wise. Let’s look at the following instances:

  • If a campaign isn't working out, it might be worth pausing your Google ads so that you can fine-tune them.
  • Alternatively, you may want to pause your advertising simply because the results aren’t what you expected. You can put your campaigns on hold until you’re prepared to resume them. 
  • To reduce the risk of spending money on ads that won’t be seen, you can pause campaigns associated with past seasonal events. 

Alternatives to Pausing Campaigns 

Pausing ads can be more harmful than good in certain circumstances, and this is where utilizing the expertise of a Google Ads agency comes in handy. Having a specialist overseeing your campaign will ensure that your ad spend won’t go to waste.

One alternative to pausing your campaigns is making budget adjustments. Adjusting your budget will allow you to promote your business, collect information, and gain customers, all without breaking the bank.

Another option is to implement negative keywords, which are a type of keyword that hides your ad from users looking for content related to those keywords. With negative keywords, your ads aren’t displayed to anyone searching for those terms. 

Pause Your Google Ads Without Harm 

To pause a campaign in Google Ads, you’ll have to log into your account, click on Ads & assets, then select Pause. It’s important to note, however, that pausing campaigns requires careful consideration. 

A Google ad manager can guide you on which campaigns to pause and how to pause ads without harm. If you need more help in this regard, don't hesitate to get a free consultation from our Google Ads specialists today.